We Couldn't Do it Without YOU.



 Ring Steward Shown Above

Award Presenter

It Takes a TEAM to Put on a Show.

Otter Creek Saddle Club can keep show rates low because we rely heavily on the generosity of our volunteers.  You don't have to be a horse expert to help out! Every show there is a need for crews to do the following jobs:

1.  Gate keeper
(opening and shutting gate for horses and riders between classes)

2.  Ring Steward
(help the judge and take results to announcer)

3.  Trail Obstacle Crew
 (help set up barrels, jumps, etc for certain classes)

4.  Award presenter
(pass out trophies and ribbons to class winners)

5.  Set up and/or Tear Down Crew
(help getting out and/or putting away all equipment)

Our shows begin at 11:00 a.m. and usually last until 5:00 p.m.
All shows for 2019 are on Sundays.
June 2

June 30

July 14

August 18

September 8

October 6

ANY AGE can help if they have a parent present.  If you are available on our show days and want to be a part of a fun, action-packed show day, please email us!